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Nature's Serving has created plant-based, all-vegetable slices to let you add a full serving of vegetables to your favorite beef burger or chicken sandwich, like adding bacon or sliced cheese, without changing anything else about the sandwich.


Not a substitute for meat or plant-based burgers!


We also make delicious all-vegetable crisps that you can eat anytime, anywhere!

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Image of a burger with veg slice

Our Mission

Taste & Indulgence are the top priority!

An indulgent burger  

Our products are affordable for everyone!

Dollars & Cents  

Amercians need to eat more vegetables!

USDA Plate

The Company’s mission is to make vegetables tastier, more affordable, convenient and available to everyone, every day, everywhere.

Insufficient vegetable consumption is the biggest overall public dietary health issue in the United States.

9 out of 10 adults do not eat enough vegetables, and quantitative research confirms that 80% of the US population wish to add more vegetables to their diet.

The affordability of vegetables is a critical issue. When vegetables are not eaten, thrown away because they have sat unused in the refrigerator or are just out-of-season they become very expensive. Nature's Serving makes veggies inexpensive and available, even in remote locations and "food deserts".

The USDA now emphasizes the need to make “half your plate vegetables and fruits” for a healthy diet & lifestyle. A minimum of 3 portions of vegetables and 2 of fruit.

To make veggies available, our main product, the vegetable slice, is eaten with an ordinary hamburger. We reach the people that need more veggies in their diet via the 15 billion hamburgers sold each year in the U.S. and the primary channels to reach our mass market consumers are:

Click on these links to see our commitments to Sound Science, Balanced Nutrition, Quality Ingredients, and Sustainability that are affordable for our consumers.  


Vegetable Slices

Slice in burger with pictures of vegetables

Nature’s Serving patented, natural vegetable slices are delicious, juicy slices, containing one full portion of vegetables per serving, that you can add onto your burger, egg muffin, grilled cheese or chicken sandwiches, panini and many other foods as well.

Burger, Fries and Drink

The slices are not a substitute for the burger. They are something like a slice of bacon or cheese on your burger, slightly enhancing the flavor of the meat, and you can add whatever other toppings you like.

Add a vegetable slice to your favorite burger!

With one full serving of vegetables per sice.

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One Full Serving of Vegetables

The most important ingredient of the product is vegetables. One tasty slice contains a full serving of vegetables.

Vegetable slices are not a substitute for meat or plant-based burgers! However, unlike the plant-based burgers, which do not deliver full servings of vegetables, our vegetable slices are all-natural, do not contain hard-to-pronounce ingredients or high levels of sodium.


One full serving of vegetables per portion!

Vegetable Slices



Tangy Flavor for Chicken Sandwiches




Pulled Pork

Maple Bacon


For more usage ideas and images take a look at our Blog.

Vegetable Crisps

One full serving of vegetables per portion!

Bowl of Healthy Veggies

Using the same proprietary Nature’s Serving vegetable blend as the slice, the crisps are a healthy snack made of selected vegetables, and they are tasty too, in savory and sweet versions. The crisps are not based on Corn, Wheat, Soy or Potato. Just a few tasty crisps give the consumer a whole serving of vegetables.


One full serving of vegetables per portion!

Vegetable Crisps

Savory Flavors

Tomato Basil




Sweet Flavors

Cinnamon Roll


For more usage ideas and images take a look at our Blog.


Food Service

Retro Diner


Quick Service Restaurant

Original quick service restaurant, cafeteria and canteen menus were not designed to deliver servings of vegetables. To date, vegetable offering initiatives superimposed onto the existing menus have not been widely accepted by consumers. Deeply ingrained consumer habits and the installed supply and making chain have been difficult to adapt to satisfying new health trends.

Nature’s Serving Vegetable Slices are good for people, the restaurant industry and great for the environment!

Vegetable Slices can be a tasty & healthy addition to the menu and present an opportunity to communicate a healthier image to consumers while increasing ticket.

One full serving of vegetables per portion!

For serving suggestions see our Blog.


Kid With Backpack

National School Lunch Program (NSLP) Average Daily Participation: Nearly 100,000 schools & institutions serve school lunches to 30 million students each day, including:

(Source: USDA FY 2017 preliminary data)
Crisps with Hummus

One full serving of vegetables per portion!

For information about Balanced Nutrition and Quality Ingredients click on these links.


Hospital Building

The Total “Non Commercial” Food Service market was $45.5 billion in 2017, including:

  Slices in Taco Shells

One full serving of vegetables per portion!

Our Story

Nature’s Serving Foods is a company with a mission to make vegetables tastier, more affordable, convenient and available to everyone, every day, everywhere, fulfilling an important market and social need.

While substantial commercial food development and entrepreneurial effort in the area of vegetable consumption has been expended to satisfy higher income consumers, such as “Premium Retail” type shoppers, there has been much less focus on the needs of the vast majority of children and adults who do not participate in these channels.  

Founded by two senior food company executives, Jairo Senise & Christopher Plummer, the company’s mission was developed to:

Jairo and Christopher are building Nature’s Serving Foods into a business that they can be proud of.

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Meet the guys trying to save the world through food!:


Jairo Senise


Jairo Senise is a President – CEO with more than 30 years of global experience in the CPG and Food Manufacturing Industry. Jairo’s career has been hallmarked by many “firsts” and an earned reputation for gaining competitive advantage through innovation and thought leadership.

As an experienced leader recognized for forming teams and developing professionals to bring out the best in them Jairo’s resume includes President and Founder of Growing Globe Business Consulting, President – Weston Foods (Canada), the co-leadership of BonSavor Foods, President and CEO, US Operations & International Division – Grupo LALA US (Borden), President and CEO – GRUMA & GRUMA CORP (NYSE – GMK), Regional V.P. and Managing Director – General Mills/Pillsbury & Europe, Eurasia. Jairo’s previous experience includes Colgate Palmolive, Best Foods and SC Johnson.

Other Boss

Christopher Plummer


Christopher Plummer is an accomplished marketer as well as a successful entrepreneur. He has developed ground breaking products for this for profit/social benefit new venture using the well established Stage-Gate product development process. A senior marketer with notable successes in branding, product innovation and consumer research, with such companies as P&G, Pepsi-Cola, Mission Foods and Bimbo Bakeries. At the Dieste Advertising agency Christopher managed the Frito-Lay and Kraft Foods accounts.

As the lead entrepreneur for BonSavor Foods, an ambitious start-up project focused on obtaining national retail (DSD) distribution of the new brand, Christopher recruited a top C-Level team, sold-in and launched the new products into Walmart, Kroger and others 7 months after capital raise. Christopher is bilingual and bi-cultural in English and Spanish.

Contact Us


Swing by for a cup of coffee, or whatever.

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    Plano, TX 75023, USA

  +1 (214) 838-0585

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