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Full Servings of Veggies

Burger with Veg Slice

The Perfect Sandwich, With a Full Serving of Vegetables

Just add a slice to your favorite burger. It's like adding a slice of bacon or cheese! And the taste? We have Relishelish, Sriracha, Salsa, Pulled Pork, Maple Bacon and good ol' plain flavors, so you can have the taste any way you want!

Open Chicken Sandwich with Pickles

Let Me Tell You About This Chicken Sandwich!

Our tangy slice, with one full serving of vegetables per slice, is "eye-rollingly delicious"! Ask your favorite chicken sandwich restaurant if they offer it as an add-on option to their sandwiches.

Savory Crisps with Hummus Dip

A full serving of vegetables in just eight crisps

And we have four great flavors of savory crisps: Tomato Basil, Guacamole, Meat and Salsa! All at 90 calories per portion, and always with one full serving of vegetables!

What else?

Crisps and Ice Cream

Have some veggies with that ice cream!!!

We have Cinnamon Roll flavor and Coconut (with real coconut!) so that you can eat your vegetables with whatever sweet delight you choose!.

In your dreams or what?

Adding a slice

Really! It couldn't be easier!

Just add a Nature's Serving Veg Slice to your favorite burger and you have a full serving of vegetables.

Yogurt pack with crisps on top

Does your favorite restaurant offer veggies that your kids will actually eat?

Ask them maybe.....?.

Yogurt pack with crisps on top

Choose your favorite burger - beef, turkey, veggie - whatever!

Yogurt pack with crisps on top

Add a Nature's Serving Veg Slice with a full serving of vegetables.

Adding a slice

Some cheese maybe?

Yogurt pack with crisps on top

Whatever fixings you like!

Yogurt pack with crisps on top

Voila! Your favorite burger with a full serving of vegetables!

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About Us, The Veggie Guys

Food Guys


With a Passion for Vegetables that are Affordable, Convenient & Tasty

Because of their background in the great food companies around the world, like Procter & Gamble, General Mills, Best Foods and PepsiCo, as well as others, Jairo and Christopher knew how to use all the tools of U.S. food science & “chefmanship”, manufacturing, marketing and distribution to deliver healthy vegetables to the people that need them - adults and children - in their favorite meals and snacks.